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I created this unit with the intention of teaching where I live (this may seem like common sense, but hear me out). I am a white, cisgender male. I teach in a predominately white area (93% white) where the majority of my students identify as heterosexual. Because of the homogeneity of this area, this unit is geared towards reaching students of similar circumstance. The creation of this unit was mostly done through my own experiences and what I felt my students needed to know about racism, sexism, and wealth inequality in America. For all intents and purposes, it is an intro to these issues and an exercise in critical thinking; therefore, a large portion of these issues is not covered. Rather, I hope that the unit gives students a basic understanding of these issues, and the tools to research and understand these and other social issues further. I also received a lot of help and input from individuals from a variety of marginalized groups to insure that the topics of racism, sexism, and wealth inequality are discussed with care and also with accurate, meaningful information.


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