N I G H T   F I N A L   A S S E S S M E N T S

There are many reasons why we should understand and study events like genocide, war, and dehumanization. The holocaust that took place during WWII helps us understand these issues and learn from them. For instance, understanding history can help us understand current issues. We can also see how hate crimes come through dehumanization. Therefore, it is imperative to take these histories and learn from them.

To help engage you in research, and to help show that you have grown in your understanding of the dehumanization that took place during WWII (especially within concentration camps) you will complete the following:


Part of this assignment involved creating your own rubric. Please take your time and seriously consider how you would like to be graded on this assignment. You will create a list of items that you will be graded on and the points break-down. Please include points for your work in class, also.


You will create a project (essay, presentation, video, podcast, etc.) of information that compares dehumanization, as it is depicted in the book Night, with how we see it depicted within the last three decades (1988-2018). You will discuss the psychology of dehumanization to help your audience understand its effects on individuals and its role in both WWII and modern times. (100 pts.)

Part of this assignment must also discuss why it is important that we learn about these events in such detail. Elie Wiesel’s depiction of the holocaust is harrowing, and often times difficult to read and accept. However, he states that “having lived through this experience, one could not keep silent no matter how difficult, if not impossible, it was to speak” (x, Night). Make sure that your essay includes information on why learning about these things is important. However, stay away from cliché answers like, “so history doesn’t repeat itself.” Rather, make the information and its importance relatable to your audience (those in your class and/or me).