Arrival and Analogies

The basis of language is drawn through an application of analogies, context, and metaphor. Understanding these three terms, and recognizing them through literature, media, and conversations can greatly help you comprehend what is being said by others. They are instrumental in communication, as well. 

Using our conversations about Star Trek, The Next Generation: Darmok, the movie Arrival, and our discussions on language, provide three examples on how analogies, metaphor, and/or context are significant themes found in these films. Use specific examples from each to make your point clear to your audience. You are encouraged to research the importance of language in these films; however, it is not required.

Reporting can be done in the form of notes, formal essay-style writing, or through imagery notes. Howsoever you determine to report on language themes in these films, be sure that your work is thorough and well thought out. I want to see a depth of understanding rather than “correct answers.”

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