What goes into a Podcast?

  1. Introduction of book and an initial review
  2. Questions and answers (this is for an audience to understand what you already know; it is not an interview).
    1. You will therefore need to create a SCRIPT = this discusses each topic and your research. You will provide specific examples to discuss; discuss why the story matters and why the theme matters; how is freewill/freedom shown?
  3. Transitions – Not just from the first person, to the second, etc. but all speaking throughout. Again, you must create a script.
  4. Length – 15 minutes

Grade Options:

Simple voice recording and minimal mistakes. Music at the beginning and end. Obvious script used – typed, printed for each member (and teacher), highlighted parts. All scripts are turned in. No editing really done.

                                                                                                Possible score 100/100

Simple voice recording. Mistakes edited out (Audacity is a free editing software that is easy to use). Music used to engage audienceScript used (as described above), and turned in.

                                                                                                Possible score 150/100